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Donald Dash Trail Run

Course Description

The course is the same as the 2023 course. The goal is to have an option for people new to racing and/or trail runs by offering a shorter 5km distance race and a longer 15km race for those looking for an extra challenge.  

Each race begins and ends at Pop's Knoll.


The course does mostly consist of double wide trails with some single track & some good climbs.  Course is marked with arrows and pin flags. 15 km race aid stations will be at ~5 km, 10km, & 7.5 miles. Be prepared and carry water if you'd like.

Backgrond Image 3_edited.jpg

The Donald Dash Trail Run is the first race in the Savanna Series trail runs. It takes place at Donald County Park in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. 


Park Address

1945 WI-92 Trunk

Mt Horeb, WI 53572

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