Two distance options, 5 km and 15 km.  Same course as 2019.  


The goal being to have an option for people new to racing and/or trail runs by offering a shorter distance race 5 km, and a longer race for those looking for an extra challenge to 15 km.  Another goal is to have an extremely well marked and easy to follow course, based on 2018 race feedback we are applying some minor modifications in order to achieve that.


Each race begins and ends at Pop's Knoll.


The course does mostly consist of double wide trails with some single track & some good climbs. 

5 km race course map ,

Elevation map (~300 ft. of total ascent)

15 km race course map 

Elevation map (~1050 ft. of total ascent)


(15 km race aid stations will be at ~5 km, 10km, & 7.5 miles. Be prepared and carry water if you'd like)